Finding a luxury apartment that suits you is not easy, and often takes time. You can search for it yourself, or hire a professional brokerage service to do that with a detailed brief. Either way, you might need to know the following:

1. Identify location area 

Before you start searching for yourself or briefing the job to the brokers, you need to identify the whereabouts of the luxury apartment you want, as specifically as possible. If you work in the city center, it is a good idea to pick a central upscale urban area with full utilities: supermarkets, hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, clubhouse or sports complex, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, entertainment centers, or cultural hotspots. Preferably in a green open space, near the water if possible. And define if you want your apartment to be on the higher or lower part of a building, too.

Once you limit the location options, you can save a lot of time and can pick a luxury apartment as you wish. 

2. Pick the neighborhood you want to be part of  

You can control what happens inside your apartment but not the outer spaces. Your living space can be affected by the community or the neighborhood that you are in. What do you want from your neighborhood? What do you expect from the new living environment? A quiet urban area where birds of your feather flock together? A neighborhood that shares some similarities and respects each other? Adjusting to a new neighborhood takes some time so it might be helpful if you consider this in advance. 

Your hood is not only about who shares the same story or building with you, but also the coffee shops, convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants, and places where the same kind of people or people of the same taste gather. It is advised to experience the neighborhood before you decide, or make a very clear set of criteria of the neighborhood to your brokers.

3. Understand the terms and conditions 

To protect your rights, you need to understand the contract's terms and conditions. Negotiate or get the broker to negotiate so that you could get a reasonable rental period with a clear compensation fine if you have to move before the contract ends or because of unexpected events. Often, you might have to pay a deposit of 2-3 months rent for luxury apartments, depending on the rental period. The contract should mention if there is a fine for moving out earlier than planned or not, and how much time in advance to notify both parties. And in the case where the landlord wants to take back the apartment, how much time should be given in advance and if there is compensation and how much. 

At the same time, you should ask the landlord to put down in the contract all the fees you have to pay and what fees the landlord will cover. It will save you a lot of time and unnecessary arguments.  

4. Check the inner and outer of the apartment

Securities and safety are not to overlook. Check the basic facilities like fire protection equipment, security cameras, security guards at every checkpoint and way-in, lobby and reception area, parking lots, etc. 

Be aware that each apartment building only goes with one specific Internet and TV cable supplier. Check if this meets your requirements. 

Also, take photos of the apartment before you move in, if there are any scratches or broken facilities or furniture they should be documented and notified to both parties. It is best to have a hand-over documentary before moving in.

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