Luxury apartment for rent in top urban areas of the city is a great option to diversify your investment portfolio. Executives coming in droves to new urban areas like Thu Thiem create a great demand for luxury apartments, especially once the infrastructure is completed and FDI pours in. Not only expatriates but also the local upper class will surely gather here at the economic-financial - cultural - entertainment center of Thu Thiem. Here are the principles for rental apartment investment for your reference.  

1. Pick a location that your target tenants would favor  

Once you identify your target tenants, you will generally know where their favored locations are. Expats or high-level executives often favor central and lively yet safe and secure areas with full service and utilities. They would prefer a luxury apartment that comes with access to a convenient transportation network and a spacious and clean environment to live in. 

As living standards go up, the expectations for a luxury apartment indeed elevate to international standards. In cases where ex-pats relocate to Vietnam with their spouses and children, they naturally require playgrounds, international schools, international hospitals, etc. This is one of the groups that can pay higher for an international standard luxury apartment that meets their daily needs.  

2. Equip and design the apartment that suits their taste 

Being well exposed helps develop a variety of aesthetic points of view, this explains why tenants are pickier than before when it comes to designs. 

Interior design and facilities show part of who dwellers are and speak for themselves. Currently favored styles are neutral colors for modern and elegant feels, and apparently Japandi, modern rustic, or minimalistic are on trend right now. Modern tenants also love smart use of space and high-end facilities that cater to their needs. Often, they do not want too much stuff in the apartment but just a few significant pieces of art like a designer lamp for a reading corner, or a steam closet styler that those who often wear luxury clothes would love to have in-house.  

3. Prioritize long-term tenants  

It is obvious that a high-level executive often has a more stable income in the long run, and they possibly won't change jobs too often. As a rental apartment investor, you would not want to have your apartment unoccupied or change tenants too often. Thus, it might be a good idea to prioritize long-term tenants who have stable jobs and incomes. 

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