Up to now when the Thu Thiem new urban area is taking shape rapidly, from infrastructure to macro policy changes aiming to be the international financial centre; residential projects here are hot in the market for both residency and investment demands. Among these, The River Thu Thiem with its smart design, perfect location, full-on utilities, and thought-out transportation networks is attractive to both.  

1. The River Thu Thiem meets the residential standards of an elite community 

In a low-supply market like now in Vietnam, The River Thu Thiem stands out as an option for residency: a luxury apartment by the Saigon river, surrounded by a 5-star utility network, in a well-planned urban area with full services and an excellent framework of transportation with full access to all central districts. 

- A small amount of 525 luxury apartments by the river 

From above, The River Thu Thiem is planned within a 15,000 square meters square shape of the land by Saigon river, right at the crossroad between Thu Thiem bridge and Crescent Boulevard - the main landscape spine of the new urban area and right next to district 1 and Binh Thanh district.

In total, there are only 525 luxury apartments, ranging from one bed to four beds, covering the residential needs of single people to big families: 100 one beds, 177 two beds, 180 three beds, 44 four beds, 12 pool villas, and 12 penthouses. 

The project consists of 3 towers: 12 stories Seine, 18 stories Thames and 18 stories Hudson. It is a joint venture between City Garden's developer (Refico Group) and CII, designed by DP Architects from Singapore. All apartments come with a balcony and are optimized for natural light and wind, with a touch of contemporary wavy aesthetics. All three beds and four beds enjoy their own elevators and lobbies. 

- An elite community in a 5 stars network of utilities 

Starting at USD6,000 per square meter, The River Thu Thiem targets the upper class with high living standards. These people are businessmen or businesswomen, families with uber-high income or financed by their wealthy parents, expatriates, high-level executives, or those with kids that go to famed international schools. Most of them come from wealthy families with high education and living standards.

Living at The River Thu Thiem allows you to optimize time use thanks to internal full-on 5 stars utilities, such as the Olympic pool, upscale shophouses and restaurants, coffee shops, gym and spa, etc. In addition, the external utilities meet all standards of an urban area: international hospital, schools, shopping centres, opera house, exhibition centre, and most of all a big spacious green area that boasts a diversified ecology, offering wealth Fengshui and a beautiful overview of Saigon river. All that is very next to the gigantic network of utilities of district 1 centre. 

- Adjacent to all central districts 

Being part of the first and so far the only project that comes with a comprehensive master plan, The River Thu Thiem enjoys a wonderful transportation framework with 5 bridges, 1 river tunnel, 6 ferry stops, metro stations, rail stations, an internal bus system that interconnects everything within the urban area and with all central districts: district 1, Binh Thanh district, district 4, district 7 or South Saigon, and Long Thanh international airport. 

2. The River Thu Thiem brings sustainable profitability opportunities to investors 

When judging the value of the real estate, we do not just look at the present but the future values it can bring. With all the rapid and comprehensive infrastructure changes going on in the Thu Thiem new urban area, the values of all real estate here will inevitably increase. Being at a strategic and critical location of it, The River Thu Thiem apartments are surely going up.

The crucial changes in the macro policies are being discussed to make the new urban area more attractive for local, regional, and international investors. This is to prepare for the FDI to pour in anytime soon. The Thu Thiem new urban area can quickly become the international financial centre, and this will open many other opportunities with strategic investment planning. 

Considering all these, we can make a quick comparison and see the pricing advantages of The River Thu Thiem to other projects in the same area.

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