The Thu Thiem new urban area is becoming one of the greatest sights of South East Asia and bringing the biggest economic - social opportunities. Thu Thiem urban area, a peninsular land of 903 hectares, located by the east side of the Saigon river is planned to become the financial commercial high-end services of Ho Chi Minh city, the region, and the international market. It is considered a sustainable investment opportunity with: 

1. Exhaustive legality 

It is highly recommended that you invest in projects of exhaustive legal status. Among those in the new urban area, The River Thu Thiem stands proud as the first to be granted the red book from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment late 2019. This means it can secure all buyers with the peace of mind, minimal risk, and a stable and sustainable investment value. 

2. Central location 

The Thu Thiem new urban area comes with a well-thought-out transportation framework: Opposite central district 1, railway to Long Thanh airport and roadway the other side Dong Nai river, the start of Ha Noi Highway to the Northern Vietnam, roadway connection from East-West Highway to the west and east of Southern Vietnam. With 5 bridges extending the reach of the peninsula toward all central districts and important highways. 

3. Efficient masterplan 

Thu Thiem is the first and only project of its kind to be methodically and comprehensively planned by the famed Sasaki Associates headquarters in Massachusetts and has won many international awards in architecture planning and design.  

It is designed for nature and urban life to intertwine on the Thu Thiem peninsula. An infrastructure network helps to connect Thu Thiem with all critical roads via 5 bridges and a tunnel under the river. 71% of the land is assigned for education - medical care - sport - culture - entertainment. Investment in internal and external utilities adds value to the peninsula's living standards. In total, Thu Thiem now truly steps up to a new class of investment.  

4. Smart architecture and design 

Architectural and landscape design work for the Thu Thiem new urban area focuses on a modern living space close to nature. The aesthetics and functions of each and every apartment are well cared for. The tallest towers gather along Crescent Boulevard and Central Square and those lower in height are arranged towards the riverside and Central Lake, making the most use of energy and wind for all of the apartments here.

The main spine line of Crescent Boulevard gives a clear view of both sides: the Saigon river and Central Lake. This attracts visitors and shoppers and aims to be the place for big festive activities like those that happen in Nguyen Hue, District 1. 

Public utilities are arranged according to functions and specific building density. Tide control is observed with 2 meters higher foundation, with water discharge flow toward the lower landscape area. 

5. Profitability 

The Thu Thiem new urban area is in the arena of many investors and corporations from all over the world thanks to its iconic buildings, exhaustive legality, golden location, comprehensive masterplan, and smart architecture and design. With the new traffic, droves of new residents and executives going to live and work here, and visitors and shoppers frequenting the areas for entertainment; it is almost too certain that investing in real estate here will return with high profitability 

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