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Sell/Lease a Property

1. Contact us
Do you have a property you want to sell? We welcome all queries and will respond in a timely, professional manner.
2. Inspections and photography
We will assign a qualified inspector to evaluate and photograph your property.
3. Contract
Upon agreement, a contract will be signed by an individual or company; Elite will process all necessary materials and ensure they are available as needed.
4. Finalising documents
Before officially publishing a property, the seller and an Elite representative will check all information to ensure it is accurate and factual.
5. Support and update
Elite is on hand any time of day, any day of the week, contact us via phone or email as needed. We will also keep you or your company updated concerning the latest news and information concerning your property.
24/7 Customer Support Centre
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Maintenance and support

We accept requests on a wide range of issues, including maintenance and plumbing services, appliance repair, locksmithing, amenity (gas and drinking water) delivery, and more.

Please note, in the case of stalled or broken internet, allow us to help call building management to have it checked and repaired as quickly as possible, no matter the time of day.

24/7 Customer Support Centre
Phone: 0908 79 9898

Useful information for tenants

Paying the water bill:
The water bill is determined by a meter reading and issued monthly. You can find your water meter outside of the property, which is how meter readers access and tally readings without hassle to residents. Upon issue, the bill may be paid to the landlord or managing company.
Paying the electricity bill:
The electricity bill is issued monthly and registered in your landlord's name. If fees are not paid directly to your landlord, you may submit payments to EVN via bank transfer.
Internet access:
Internet status ranges throughout the countries, with large cities boasting the best access. Regardless of where you live, speed depends on your provider and package. An important note, the undersea cables are known to get damaged on occasion, which effects the country as a whole.
24/7 Customer Support Centre
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1. When should I start looking for an apartment?
We recommend starting your search one month ahead of your move date. Once we receive your requirements, we will provide you with a list of options to choose from. Owners typically rent apartments on a first-come, first-serve basis, which can make early tours and negotiations difficult. On the other hand, high-end serviced apartments often hold apartments for up to a few months prior to the specified move-in date.
2. Do you charge an agent fee?
Yes, we will create an agreement with you which includes a service fee which is equivalent to one month of your final rental fee.
3. Can I get a VAT invoice?
VAT invoices can only be issued when the owner is incorporated, which is most likely in the case of serviced apartments. If the owner rents as an individual, it is possible to receive a tax document.
4. What should I do if there is a problem in my home after move-in?
Elite is know for our customer support, we offer a 24/7 support line to quickly and effectively tend to any issues or requests you may have.
5. Can I pay rent by credit card?
Credit card payments are typically reserved for high-end serviced apartments; should you prefer to pay via credit card, please let us know in advance to ensure the easiest transition.
6. What is the deposit for?
A deposit equivalent to 1-2 months of rent is the standard in Vietnam; it ensures both parties comply with the terms of the contract—the tenant promises to maintain and secure the property throughout the duration of the contract. Upon contract expiration or termination, the landlord will deduct fees for damages sustained during the tenant's stay and refund the remainder.
7. What would happen if tenant or landlord needed to break the contract?
The signed contract between the landlord and tenant will include a clause that covers what happens should the landlord or tenant need to break it before the expiry date.
If the Lessee wishes to terminate the Lease before its expiry date, the Lessee will have to give a 30 days-written notice in advance. In this case, The Lessee will lose the Security Deposit and will be refunded the unused portion of the advance rent (if any).
If the Lessor wishes to terminate the Lease before its expiry date, the Lessor will have to give a 30-day written notice in advance. In this case, The Lessor will have to refund the Security Deposit to The Lessee and will have to pay compensation equal to two (02) months Rent for the Lessee.
Typically, the agent's fee is paid upfront and will not be reimbursed to either party. If the commission is to be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, it will be refunded based on the agreement between the broker and owner.
24/7 Customer Support Centre
Phone: 0908 79 9898